Leave a legacy of freedom

What mark do you want to leave on the world?

Your estate, built from a lifetime of hard work, is more than a sum of assets: It celebrates the values you hold dear and impact you’ve made throughout your life.

Like passing a torch to the next racer, a legacy gift ensures your principles continue to guide our children, grandchildren, and future generations.

By remembering the Idaho Freedom Foundation in your estate plans, you help secure a tireless champion for liberty, personal responsibility, and opportunity in Idaho’s future.

IFF will never endorse policies or projects that grow government. Thus, when you leave a legacy to IFF, you give a gift to future generations by ensuring they are blessed with same opportunities and freedom you yourself enjoy.

The Legacy Circle

Pass your values to the rising generation.

IFF’s Legacy Circle consists of individuals who have decided to leave a legacy of freedom by including the Idaho Freedom Foundation in their estate plans.

To show our gratitude, IFF honors our Legacy Circle members with the following benefits.

  •  Special seating at all IFF events
  •  Invitation to exclusive Legislative Session Briefing each January
  •  Monthly President’s Letter from Wayne Hoffman
  •  Interview in Insider magazine
  •  A once-a-year strategy call or visit from IFF executive staff